Standard Stainless Steel IBCs (1,000 l | 264 U.S. gal.)

Small containers for the transportation of pharmaceutical and chemical liquids. The optimal solution for products that shouldn’t be heated or for hazardous goods.


Electrically Heated Stainless Steel IBCs (1,000 l | 264 U.S. gal.)

Special units for the temperature-controlled transportation of sensitive and liquid foodstuffs.


Aseptic Stainless Steel IBCs
(1,000 l [264 U.S. gal.], 800 l [211 U.S. gal.], 500 l [132 U.S. gal.])

Aseptic small containers with steam sterilization and vacuum resistance; only for use in the food industry. Stackable and available in various sizes.


Aseptic Stainless Steel IBCs for Highly Viscous Products
(800 l | 211 U.S. gal.)

Special containers for products with high viscosity that require a custom-made discharge mechanism to optimize the drain flow. Also suitable for small shipping quantities.


Container Agitator

Special agitator for IBCs with custom-made transportation box for the highest level of safety and flexibility.