Renting and Leasing

Modern stainless steel IBCs for the storage and transportation of liquid products for the pharmaceutical and food industry. The right stainless steel container for every requirement. IFS Logistics 2.2, GMP+B4 Transport, HACCP und ISO 9001:2015 certified.

  • Flexible renting and flexible leasing of diverse IBC types
  • On-demand deployment for seasonal variations
  • Innovative offers and fair pricing structure, tailored to meet customer requirements
  • IBC sizes from 500 l (132 U.S. gal.) to 1,000 l (264 U.S. gal.)
  • Container agitators and special connections available as additional equipment
  • Europe-wide depot network


Assumption of the strategic and operative IBC management.

  • Inventory management, needs assessment, container monitoring
  • Active management of empty equipment at the receiving end
  • Technical design and implementation of customer requirements
  • Technical inspections, monitoring, and retest management
  • Monitoring of the container stocks and the flow of goods
  • Optimization of the fleet size
  • Exact tracking of the location of the IBC fleet
  • Assumption of all logistical responsibilities, e.g. shipments (full/empty) and cleaning


Expert and reliable handling during transportation of products in the IBC.

  • Experienced handling of the loading and unloading of high-quality products
  • Europe-wide transportation services
  • Favorable cargo rates
  • Retrieval of the IBCs
  • High service standards due to certified and reliable partners
  • High quality standards due to IFS, HACCP and ISO certification


Europe-wide network with certified depots for the cleaning of IBCs.

  • Interior and exterior cleaning of containers following uniform standards
  • Individual treatments, e.g. ethanol cleaning or covering of the IBCs with PE hoods
  • Expert disposal of residual products

Maintenance and Repair

Highly qualified depot partners for carrying out IBC repair and maintenance services.

  • Repair and replacement of wearing parts
  • Storage of replacement parts for speedy repairs
  • Adjustment of thermostats in electrically heated IBCs
  • Preparation for retests, audits and certification of small containers