High-Tech Tank Trucks

Tank trucks with individual technical features as well as pressurized tanks with heating, a single- or multi-compartment tank and a pump. IFS, HACCP and ISO certified.

equipment1_250px equipment1_schraeg_250px

Volume 23,000 – 33,000 liters (6,076–8,718 U.S. gal.)
Material 1.4404, 1.4571
Permit for hazardous materials yes
Unladen weight starting at 5,500 kg (12,125 lb.)
Stackability yes, 3-layers
Type of container tank container
Heating water-glycol / diesel
Insulation yes
Usage units for foodstuffs only
Unloading compressed air (compressor) of the truck / external compressed air / own pump / external pump

  • – Insulated stainless steel tank trucks
  • – Compressors and pumps for unloading
  • – Single-compartment vehicles with heating
  • – Product-specific features, e.g. chocolate valves